About us

Taicang ChengMing hydraulic machinery Co., LTD is a professional manufacture hydraulic accessories, coupling and pipe valve parts and high pressure hose assemblies factory, the product specification is complete and beautiful outlook, the quality is reliable. The so-called 10 mill rocks, the company with 10 years of time focusing on the product research anddevelopment, and finally to the fore, with such sensibilities. The company is with the person this, gathered a batch of the pursuit of excellence, innovation, experienced technicians and management team. Through the ISO 9001 (2000) international certification, the establishment of a scientific management system, advanced production equipment (such as various types of small/medium/large CNC,longmen milling machine,Die casting machine,bending machine,shot blasting machine,painting line) and testing means import (metal material testing instrument,3D measuring instrument), year sales volume with amazing speed increasing year by year, is the use of many customers specified famous-brand products.

To provide timely, considerate, comprehensive and efficient service, so that customers in the fierce market competition, the company's sales outlets have mushroomed, all over the country, mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, zhejiang, shenyang, changchun, jilin, xian, Inner Mongolia and other places, with China's WTO to join, ChengMing company will step out in the country and into the world.

We adhering to the "let the customer satisfaction, let critical of satisfied customers fastidious" for customer service purpose, with the actual needs of customers as the starting point and the foothold, i. e. help customers solve practical faces tough technology and business problem, based on training long-term loyal customer relationships. We will be developing national high-tech industries, especially powerful aerospace and military industry for business mission, we will be unremitting efforts for this mission, YongPanGaoFeng constantly, make with the national independent intellectual property rights world high-tech enterprise, real thrusting China from "made in China" to "China create" successful transformation.

We will be with the talents for the first competitive, on the value chain integration system optimization for competitiveness, to the technology innovation, idea innovation, process innovation, system innovation for sustainable competitive, in order to portray first-class brand as the core competitive ability, aimed at creating lead future science and technology, with the international competitiveness of world class high-tech companies.